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About Permanent Makeup Essex London

Permanent makeup is excellent for all ages, people see the stunning eyebrows on TV and in magazines and are looking for a similar or better look, Heidi Worman will be able to create the look you only dreamed of, it will be there 24 hours a day!

People may look to have more definition in their eyebrows, no amount of shaping or threading can achieve this, if the hair in not thick enough and you have gaps or the tails are very sparse. This is why permanent makeup can give the stunning look you desire, be it naturally enhancing your looks or a more defined effect.

The possibility's with eyebrows can also give excellent results for lips, eyes, and many other aspects, be it beauty or paramedical.


The Permanent Makeup Expert, why Heidi Worman?

There are many myths surrounding permanent Makeup, mainly through lack of knowledge and understanding but most importantly finding the right person to perform your cosmetic makeup.

Heidi Worman uses a special technique and style that is unique to her, she will team this with only the finest products made to give you the best possible cosmetic makeup.

Heidi has clients travel from all over the UK, Europe and Worldwide, this is because they are confident they are receiving the highest quality work available. Heidi  will always advise people that the makeup she produces is not the same as others and more importantly the enjoyment is totally different.

A specialist in one subject!, read on.....

Heidi Worman has carried out cosmetic makeup on many celebrity faces, she is coveted because the rare fact she is the only RB full time permanent makeup artist in the UK, she is a respected master with full concentration on this one subject.

We always say ask yourself if it is important for you to have a real expert with the deepest knowledge possible in one profession?, rather than a person who offers many types of beauty related treatments.

Heidi Worman would never except mediocre at many, but only a master of one.

Trusted because of her vast talent and reputation for those who demand the best work in the industry.

Heidi Worman works in conjunction with some of the best GMC registered cosmetic surgeons currently in the UK, as beside the beauty side of permanent makeup there is a demand for the cosmetic/paramedical application where only the most gifted hands will suffice. 


Permanent makeup, your face, would you compromise?

Heidi is not a fan of the word eyebrow tattoo, as the word does not explain her style or her specialist techniques, although many ask about celebrity eyebrow tattooing, below will explain why the permanent makeup Heidi provides has been leading the way for some time.

If you have not had work carried out by Heidi, please enquire and ask to speak to the countless clients who have had treatments, you will a receive nonpareil experience, in tandem with stunning makeup.

Heidi's clients say the same every time, "I cant believe how comfortable it was", this is for the reasons quoted above, the skill, the products and the best technician is the only way to have the make-up you desire.

The above goes for all treatments, be it permanent eyebrows, lips, or eyeliner, people will be amazed and what really can be carried out. This is the reason why Heidi Worman is so highly regarded, in the field of permanent cosmetics.  For a free non comitial consultation, please use our contact page.


Permanent Makeup Prices

Heidi Worman is a firm believer that people are looking for the best possible work, and not always the best possible price, there is something that we have to remember, this is your face and only the highest quality work will do.

If people are giving discounts, vouchers and special offers please ask yourself why this is and how busy they really are, skills have to be continually updated and gained to be at the top level. Heidi Worman does not offer a VIP permanent makeup service, the reason for this is that Heidi feels that every person should have individual detailed bespoke makeup, she guarantees this with everyone.

Remember as stated this is you face, you want perfect permanent makeup.


Heidi Worman, the name you can trust in Permanent Makeup