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Heidi Worman Permanent Makeup Expert  

'Permanent make-up can restore a person's dignity'

COSMETICS are used by most women for pure vanity, but for Heidi Worman, they are vital tools in her work to transform lives.

Permanent make-up artist Heidi, from Essex, has clients from across the UK and Europe, having built a reputation for quality, natural-looking results.

She has worked on many famous faces and has appeared on television and radio, discussing her work.

“Anyone who wants to look their best, any time or anywhere, should consider permanent enhancements,” says Heidi.

“You will look younger, fresher and more attractive, and you will save valuable hours by not having to reapply make-up.”

Permanent make-up is a form of cosmetic tattooing, in which hypo-allergenic pigments are introduced into the top surface of the skin to mimic the most perfectly applied make-up in soft, natural tones.

Eyebrows, lashes, lip colour and skin blemishes can be improved or replaced, but, unlike traditional tattoos, they gradually fade over time, so the option is there to top them up.

“Many famous people look to have their eyebrows enhanced, as there is no other method to give yours brows the shape and definition achieved with permanent make-up, whatever your current brows,” Heidi explains.

Heidi also worked alongside the late reality TV star Jade Goody who, before her illness, had qualified in nipple and breast areola reconstruction.

Yet, despite the glamour of working for the rich and famous, the most rewarding part of the job for Heidi is helping restore the dignity and confidence of sick or injured clients.

Heidi has also studied paramedical make-up, learning to reconstruct nipples and breast areola, correcting skin pigmentation disorders, and scar relaxing and camouflage techniques.

She now works with top cosmetic doctors, surgeons and ophthalmologists, many of whom are based in Essex hospitals.

“Private medical insurance companies will always pay for areola reconstruction,” she says.

“Only sometimes do NHS hospitals offer to tattoo on a nipple, but this is not the best job and they do not balance out with the natural one.

“A nipple reconstruction using permanent make-up can cost up to £700.”

But, as this is a vital part of the recovery of a breast cancer patient, Heidi is working with surgeons at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, to find a way to attain NHS funding to help other patients afford the treatment.

Heidi is also passionate about using permanent make-up to restore a person’s facial features following illness.

She has taken part in events to raise awareness of the condition of alopecia, an autoimmune condition which attacks hair follicles, causing hair loss.

“For most women, it is the loss of eyebrows and lashes that is the hardest thing to cope with. It removes their femininity,” explains Heidi.

“Permanent make-up is the only long-term solution for alopecia clients and for people whose brows have failed to grow back after chemotherapy.”

Heidi also volunteers her time to provide beauty makeovers for cancer patients at Bart’s Hospital, London, and now wants to bring the service closer to home.

She is liaising with the beauty industry’s charity, Look Good, Feel Better, which operates at 70 hospitals UK-wide, with the aim of bringing it to Southend Hospital by next year.

“I think if you have got a skill, and you can use it to change lives, you should use it,” says Heidi.

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Miss England 2011!

I was privileged to be a judge in the regional finals at the Rendezvous Casino, I must say the standards were very high, well done to all.  The winner "Bethany Tamsett" was well deserved with beauty inside and out, wishing her all the best for Miss England  



One of our favorite charities I would like you all to support Look Good, Feel Better please take a look around their site.



TOWIE Eyebrow Makeup

I have recently been contacted about the permanent makeup carried out on The Only Way Is Essex, TOWIE, if you would like more details on the techniques and styles, please contact us.

Heidi Worman the name you can trust in permanent makeup

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The F Word (no its not permanent makeup!)

Certainly not permanent makeup but the offer was there for Gordon Ramsey, my day in the F word restaurant was brilliant and the food was amazing. 

You would be amazed how busy people are with the making of this series and how had they work!

Gordon came and sat and my table and I must say he was very friendly indeed, and nice to speak with,  its a day I will not forget for some time.

Thank you team F Word,




Essex Hospital wins the campaign!

Last month I received a verification email from Southend-On-Sea Hospital, the LGFB cancer charity has now given the go ahead to the Essex based trust to carry out regular days.

I had personally looked at getting this in the Hospital some time back, I noticed that there was nothing in the area and at the time people were having to travel to London for this, well the hard work has been done and I am very please for all the people this will help..



Barts Hospital

One of the charities I work for have events at Barts Hospital, the last meeting was excellent and I was lucky enough to meet some really excellent people.

I always give them general advice regarding permanent makeup, and we discuss the styles that are available.  It does sadden me when they show me pictures of some of the work they have seen. 

We are now at an advanced stage with having the same meetings in Essex based Hospitals, as the news article quotes above.

This will bring me great joy for the people of Essex and is something we have been working at for some years.




Sk:n comes to Chelmsford.....................................

Sk:n the UK wide skin experts have now opened a cosmetic centre in Chelmsford Essex.

Offering a wide range of services to include all your cosmetic needs, Dermal fillers, Wrinkle reduction , Laser, Microdermabrasion, Cosmetic Surgeon consultations, Semi-Permanent makeup, and an exclusive range of cutting edge cosmetics, is just a snippet of what they have to offer.

With Weekday/Saturday/Sunday/Evening appointments this is sure to make your visit a pleasure!





Sk:n London Wall

Sk:n Clinics Have excellent facilities across the whole of London, as the above post they offer a whole host of things to keep you looking your best.  Permanent makeup consultations and prices are available on request for the London Wall branch, and London Harley Street.  This is very close to Moorgate London and is very easy to reach from all locations.

Sk:n Clinics only provide the finest products for their clients through massive research, look them up today.


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Sk:n Clinics Brighton

Sk:n Clinics Have excellent facilities in Brighton, as the above post they offer a whole host of things to keep you looking your best.  Permanent makeup consultations and prices are available on request for the Skin Brighton branch.  This is very close to town centre, on the corner of Jubilee Street Brighton, this is very easy to reach from all locations.

Sk:n Clinics only provide the finest products for their clients through massive research, look them up today.


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Sk:n Clinics

Sk:n Clinics cover everything to keep your skin looking its best, they are the UK leader for the finest treatments including,

Permanent Makeup 
Acne Scarring
Anti-wrinkle Injections
Birthmark Removal
Children's Services
Facial Thread Veins
Fraxel - NEW
Laser Resurfacing
Laser Tattoo Removal
Leg Thread Veins
Milia Removal
Minor Skin Procedures
Mole Removal
Skin Peels
Skin Tags
Skin Tightening
Stretchmark Treatment
Thermage - NEW
Warts & Verrucae
Skin Conditions

Age Spots
Black Heads
Crows' Feet
Double Chin
Excess Skin
Forehead Lines
Ingrowing Hairs
Laughter Lines
Lumps & Bumps
Neck lines
Nose to Mouth Lines
Stretch Marks
Sun Damage
Thin Lips
Tired Eyes
White Spots